Arizona Google Summits

Every Student can #BeInternetAwesome

21st Century learners are exposed to so much content on the Internet, some is amazing–some, not so much. Giving students the tools to #BeInternetAwesome means guiding them to become expert digital citizens, empathetic learners, savvy researchers, and social media safe, and research ninjas. This session will provide lots of resources for educators to implement the #BeInternetAwesome curriculum as well as tips and tricks to make sure your Internet Awesome tool box is fully loaded with ideas to support students on their 21st Century learning journey.

#BeingInternetAwesome Begins with Us

Digital citizenship, fake news, oversharing, savvy researching and other skills are all part of #BeInternetAwesome and that begins with teachers. We all model these skills for our students, let’s make sure we know the best ways to stay safe and be smart on the World Wide Web. This session will identify all of the components of the #BeInternetAwesome campaign and introduce some fun ways to introduce these ideas in your classroom.

Picture This: Creating Infographics to Tell Your Story

Reading and synthesizing data is a highly sought after 21st Century Skill. This hands-on workshop takes participants through six steps in sharing the message with graphics and text. Participants will leave the session with new tools in their creative toolbox and the knowledge to use them effectively. The activities in this session will use Google Search, Google News, GSuite for Education and partner tools.

 Make Learning Visible with Google Sites

Now more than ever before, students need to show their learning. Making learning visible allows students to demonstrate mastery, increases student motivation to learn and enhances critical thinking. This hands on session will guide you through the design process and creation of a student portfolio or teaching website. The tools that will be demonstrated offer built in web-safe design components and drag and drop interface that allow anyone to be a webmaster in no time.

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